Light Commercial


“Alteration to factory and separate Ablution block” – Neudorf Black, Neudorf LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(May 2020) Industrial Factory and Ablution block (BC)
“New Office block” – Smart Environmental, Richmond LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(August 2018) Office block (BC)
“Eco Luxury Cabins” – K, C & H Trott Ruby Bay LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(September 2017) Tourist Accommodation (RC)
“Provincial Building” – Nelson LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(May 2017) Conversion of a bar restaurant (Verdict) into office space (HotHouse & FirstClassAccounts), Espresso Bar and upstairs apartments (Change of use)
“Rare Creation” – Andreas Niemann – Mapua LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(December 2016) Conversion of a packing shed into a furniture design studio, interactive gallery, workshop & dwelling
Te Papanui – “Ahimsa” – Tuamarina LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(September 2016) Registered Domestic Kitchen for Pure Plant & Whole food dishes (BC)
“JointWorks Studio” – Jane & Tony Clark – Tasman Village LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(June 2016) Refurbishment of WorkStudio (BC) 





“Marama” Project – Picton LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(March 2015) New Commercial Building (Concept Study) 

“Eco Chalets” – Jane Cunliffe & John Slotemaker – Richmond LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(January 2016) Eco Chalets (BC) 


New sustainable Tourist Accommodation

“NBS Bank” – Christel Twiehaus – Motueka LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(May 2014) Alteration to existing Commercial Building (BC) 



eingang jpeg


Nelson Lawn Tennis Club – Nelson LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(September 2014) New Tennis Pavilion (Design) 

Elevation East

Elevation West

Mapua Tennis Club – Mapua LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(September 2013) New Tennis Club (BC)
“Cushla’s” – Mapua LIGHT COMMERCIAL
(April 2013) Alteration to Existing Showroom (BC) 


Cushla’s in Mapua

(May 2012) New Office & Garage (RC & BC)
Redwood Cellars – Redwood Valley COMMERCIAL
(December 2010) Renovation to a Wine cellar (BC)

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