Architecture Studio Mapua is an architectural design practice based in Mapua, close to Nelson. Founded in 2012 by Simone Wenk with the express purpose of providing architectural services that are focussed on resilient design and low energy consumption, low carbon footprint building construction and an encouragement of smart building management systems.

Over the past 10 years in New Zealand Simone has established roots and a strong community connection to the Nelson-Tasman region, both personally, and within her business. Her aim is to deliver increasingly efficient low impact buildings for clients who have a shared commitment to smarter, warmer, drier, healthier accommodation being part of their future.

“With our design we have responsibility for the future of our region and the quality of its built environment”

 While eco friendly architecture is the basis of Simone’s ethos she has a wide range of experience and skills, with projects in the following key areas:

  • Residential to Light Commercial
  • Modern to Sustainable
  • Large to Small ‘tiny homes’
  • Diverse to Iconic
  • Interior Design

Simone welcomes all architectural enquires, and based in the heart of Mapua Wharf in Shed 4 on Aranui Road, she is easy to find.

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